UNLV Families


Welcome to the UNLV Families website, which is dedicated to the support of UNLV faculty, staff, and students and their families.  The UNLV Families website is sponsored by the Family Advocacy Committee (FAC), a subcommittee of the UNLV Women’s Council. The FAC seeks to address a variety of family issues important to the campus community, including child care, parental leave, tuition benefits for employee dependents, lactation rooms, and more.


3 thoughts on “UNLV Families

  1. Thank you for providing such a great resource to the UNLV community. As Director of the UNLV Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling, I would like to suggest that you add our Center as a resource. The Center offers therapy services free of charge to UNLV students and a discounted rate to UNLV faculty and staff. Our website is: http://www.unlv.edu/cicfc
    Colleen M. Peterson
    Director, CICFC


  2. I am thankful they found me a room to utilize during classes at the social work Greenspun building. I also used the library conference room tonight to pump. Having these rooms available relieves stress when trying to figure out where to go. Also pumping in the bathroom for the few weeks wasnt working for me. I really appreciate all the help thank you all. Nicole Butler

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