• Parental Leavehttp://provost.unlv.edu/downloads/parental_leave_policy.pdf

    There is no single, comprehensive Nevada System of Higher Education policy pertaining to parental leave. Rather, various NSHE policies address annual leave, sick leave, and family medical leave. In addition, various UNLV practices pertain to parental leave situations involving faculty. NSHE policies and related UNLV practices can be found in the HR parental leave policy. Please contact UNLV HR for more information at http://www.unlv.edu/hr/benefits/leave or call 702-895-3504.


  • Flexible Work Schedulehttp://www.unlv.edu/sites/default/files/24/HR-FlexProcedures.pdfIt has been the practice of UNLV to allow the use of flexible work schedules where it is a viable work option, and based on the individual circumstances of an employee and the ability for the department to meet the work needs.  UNLV recognizes how such work options have benefited employees when both operational and employee personal needs can be addressed. This flexibility is available to all full-time, regular, classified employees; faculty and professional staff as determined by the operational needs of the work group and upon approval of the appropriate supervisor. For more information please see HR Flex procedures @ http://www.unlv.edu/sites/default/files/24/HR-FlexProcedures.pdf or contact UNLV HR at 702-895-3504.


  • Family and Medical Leave Acthttp://www.unlv.edu/hr/benefits/leave/fmlaUnder the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), all employees can take up to 12 work weeks off for the birth or adoption of a child; serious personal health conditions; care for a family member with a serious health condition; military caregiver (up to 26 weeks); qualifying exigency leave.FMLA does not provide any additional leave. It does protect your job while you are gone. Your job responsibilities, pay status, and/or working hours should not be changed upon your return to work. For more information on eligibility and application please see UNLV HR http://www.unlv.edu/hr/benefits/leave/fmla or call 702-895-3504.


  • Graduate Assistant Parental Leave Programhttp://graduatecollege.unlv.edu/PDF_Docs/UNLVGraduate-AssistantshipParentalLeavePlan.pdfAs of August 1, 2014 Graduate assistants may take “parental leave” with our without pay for childbirth or placement of a child for adoption or foster care. The Graduate college program will provide up to six weeks of paid GA leave and up to six weeks of unpaid leave or flexible GA work assignment. See the UNLV Graduate Assistant Parental Leave Program for more information.

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